Melodii Rozett

Melodii Rozett, was born March 3rd. An American singer-songwriter, dancer and engineer. Born in Broward County, Florida and raised part of her life in Lusby Maryland. Melodii Rozett began singing at a very early age of 6 years old. She started out singing in her family church chorus back in Maryland. She wrote her very first song at 10 years old. By the age of 16 she has written over 300 original songs.  She also joined her high school chorus in the 11th-12th grade and began singing and performing live at her school’s talent shows, open mic shows and  her local church performances. She recorded her first song at 16. She started taking her music career to a new level by recording her original music in the studio, performing live and posting covers on YouTube. 

In 2010, Melodii released her first single “Contract” on YouTube, and Soundcloud. Her high school became her stomping grounds where she began showcasing her talent and her name to the world. She captured the attention of her school mates and teachers with her grace and vocals and gained fans and supporters. She currently has a fan club hashtag name #TeamRozett.

Melodii Rozett posted covers on YouTube and caught the eyes of many A&Rs. She was then discovered through youtube and jump started her career. As an Unsigned artist, She released her first 9 song EP  “In My Feelings”. She distributed her first EP through Itunes, Google play, Spotify, Amazon, and the list goes on. Melodii Rozett has also released her “In My Feelings” EP through Pandora Radio, where her music can be heard on “Melodii Rozett Radio.” Melodii Rozett Recorded her first music videos for her 3 new singles entitled, “Beat Your Girlfriend Up”, In My Feelings” and “Better” from her “In My Feelings” EP. She released her music videos on her very own Vevo, MelodiiRozettVEVO, where she gained fans and the attention of many others. 

The “In My Feelings” EP became so successful it hit Top R&B Soul Music in Japan, Sweden and Russia. She started growing a buzz through her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts where she interacted with all of her loyal fans. She traveled to Lewiston Maine, where her and 2 other music artist put on a concert for their fans. There were over 700 concert goers at the event called “Project L”. Melodii Rozett performed her singles off of her “In My Feelings “ EP. “I love my supporters, I hold them all individually close to my heart. Whenever I get the chance to meet them it’s always a fun time.” Melodii Rozett signed posters, pictures, cds, phone cases and t-shirts for her fans. She then traveled back to Maine to perform for her beloved fans once again several months later. Melodii Rozett has performed in Nightclubs and big events in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa Florida, Atlanta Georgia, Maryland, DC, and as well as Myrtle Beach South Carolina. She has performed in front of hundreds of people and puts on a great show everytime. Melodii Rozett has put out her second EP, entitled “Biggest Fan” through Soundcloud and Datpiff for free to thank her fans for their support. Melodii Rozett  has worked her way to the top through the good and bad she has faced. Melodii just recently released her first unofficial single "IDGAF" produced by ThaRadio.  Melodii Rozett now owns her very own recording studio where she records and mixes her own music. Melodii is currently working on her first ever up coming studio album entitled, "Do Not Disturb" with music produced by, DMV's producer UncleKenrock.  Atlanta Georgia's Very own, Tha Radio, Big Yayo, and artist and producer Klutch Paxx. With Musical features, singer songwriter Jae Alexander, ect.  “I've taken time off from performing to perfect my craft. Develop my voice, revamp my image and find my sound. I'm excited to release new music and showcase my talent to the world. My music is more confident, sexy and gangster all in one. I know I am ready more than ever now" 

"Melodii Rozett isn't just a singer, she's a performer. An all around artist!"